Lots of hot water in a short time

The need for water affects almost everything we do. Hot water is often crucial for the necessary hygiene. We find it very normal that we can tap hot water everywhere and in our part of the world it actually is like that. In fact we only notice it once it’s gone. 

We supply hot water solutions for industrial and commercial applications. “Anything with three shower heads and more,” we always say. Or simply “a lot of hot water in a short time”.

Craftsmanship from Europe

We are a subsidiary of A.O. Smith Corporation; a listed (NYSE) company with approximately 18,000 employees worldwide. We have been making boilers for the European market in our factory in Veldhoven (NL) since 1970. We have a tank plant where highly skilled metal workers convert a sheet of steel into a tank. After assembly, this is provided with an enamel layer using our patented “slush-coating” method.

The assembly department then builds the tanks into a boiler and makes it country-specific. Not every country in Europe uses the same specifications and the fuels used, differ from country to country.


In Europe we introduced condensing gas-fired boilers more than 25 years ago, which increased the efficiency of the gas-fired boiler to values ​​of up to 109%. In fact, less gas is needed to heat the same amount of water. The addition of solar thermal systems has also contributed to increasingly sustainable hot water systems and less use of fossil fuels. Since 2020, A.O. Smith also offers a range of heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications to deliver increasingly climate-friendly systems.


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