BFC Cyclone

BFC Cyclone is a fully room-sealed condensing high-efficiency water heater (97% gross). Flexible flue options allow this water heater to be placed almost anywhere. This water heater is fitted with an automatic gas/air premix burning system including burner modulation. BFC Cyclone is standard delivered with low-maintenance powered anodes.


  • Whisper quiet operation (<45 dB(A) at 2m distance from duct)
  • Varying water temperature setting from 40°C to 80°C with use of week timer
  • Flexible flue options (maximum length 100m) allow installations to be placed almost anywhere
  • Easy fault diagnosis and computer controlled digital week timer
  • Programmable for legionella purge cycle
  • Voltage-free contact for general fault indication to BMS
  • Automatic gas/air coupled premix combustion system incl. burner modulation
  • Maximum working pressure up to 8 bar
  • Possibility of heating (central heating) with Theta Dual Service
  • Including Y-piece
  • Equipped with low-maintenance inert anodes as standard
  • KIWA tested: Ready for 20% mixing with hydrogen (H2)




  • High efficiency storage water heater
  • Very complete control with several options: week timer, legionella prevention program, easy fault diagnosis and computer controlled digital week timer
  • NOx emissions ≤ 30 ppm (dry-air-free) – NOx class 5

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  • BMS interface for easy connection to a building management system, learn more…
  • The BFC cyclone is suitable for combining hot water and heating, learn more...

BFC Cyclone

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Ecodesign Specifications

BFC Capacity Profile Energy efficiency class Energy efficiency
28 XXL A 91%
30 XXL A 91%
50 XXL A 91%
60 XXL A 90%
80 3XL 93%
100 3XL 93%
120 3XL 92%


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